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The story behind the logo

I've always loved lions since I was a kid and there was multiple reasons for this like my favourite film was lion king, my surname 'Singh' actually means lion and as just like lions are kings of the jungle I believed that I was a king in my own respect. Growing up I became more obsessed with lions watching documentary after documentary and I really began to study what it was that separated lions from all of the other animals. Lions aren't the fastest, biggest, strongest or smartest but they're still considered the 'king of the jungle'. Then one day it clicked. It's the pride and no I don't mean the feeling. A lions pride is what separates it from the other animals around it, together they can take down even the largest land mammals. I've realised how lucky I am to have the people around me and I'm grateful that they've supported me to take on even the hardest of tasks on my journey to help others find happiness. Finally, the deciding factor of making the lion my logo was half way through my first year, I'd been trying to really push myself to my limit and when I was reflecting on this I really began to question why I was the only one who was doing it. That's when I realised I'd truly adopted a lion's mindset as I was no longer outrunning life challenges like a gazelle but instead I was running towards them.

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