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Learn Punjabi

Learn Punjabi!

To help us stay connected with our history, we need to be able to understand Punjabi or we'll be foreigners in our own homeland. Punjabi is such a beautiful language and before understanding Gurbani, understanding Punjabi is a great stepping stone.

Course Overview

Lesson 1

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the importance of why you need to learn to say the Punjabi alphabet before you speak Punjabi

  • To be able to say the different letters and vowels in Punjabi 

  • To be able to read Punjabi words (bonus)

Lesson 2

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the word order of basics sentences in Punjabi

  • To learn the structure of verbs and how to adapt them to different scenarios

  • To find out how auxiliary verbs are used in Punjabi

  • To be able to create basics sentences for a variety of pronouns in the present tense for different verb root endings

  • To learn the different irregular verbs in the present tense

Lesson 3

Learning Objectives

  • To appreciate the use of position words on both English and Punjabi

  • To learn what an oblique noun is and how it impacts different types of nouns

  • To develop your ability to create sentences through ability-based sentences, negative sentences and connecting words

  • To be able to use verbals as subjects, direct objects and indirect objects clearly

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Hey, I hope my course has helped you to start learning Punjabi, I'm aware that this course may have many mistakes, so if you do come across any I'd really appreciate you letting me know below so I can update the course!

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