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Gurupma Singh

Digital Creator. Entrepreneur. Learner.

Who am I?

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Digital Creator

Mostly know through my content on Tiktok, I enjoy making videos about Sikh history, Gurbani and other topics related to Sikhi.

My Purpose

My purpose is to find peace within my life, share that peace with others and fulfil my potential in all areas of my life.

Sikhi is the place I've always found the most peace. The spiritual wisdom and powerful philosophy of Sikhi are continually shaping how I live my life and I want to discuss and share the lessons I learn with anyone who's happy to listen.


I run my own business called the G Team which provides young people with personal development knowledge, skills and resources.



By far the most important thing I spend my time on is learning. I'm always reading books, watching video courses and getting as many hands on practical experiences as I can.

Support My Work

All the work I do is available for free.

Our Gurus set great examples of how basic rights like education should be available to all. 

I want to keep everything I do free but it also means I don't make any money, therefore any financial support is greatly appreciated.


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